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Brand Story


  I grew up in a rural area. When I was young, adults were always very leisurely, except when they were farming. When they are free, beauty-loving women will gather together to dress up. Of course, I am also happy to join them, even though I am a little girl. They spend a lot of time on their nails, hoping to make the hands that are rough due to years of work look good.

  When resources were scarce, they would choose to use the juices of various flowers to make nail art dyes. Among them, impatiens was the most popular flower because the color it dyed was beautiful and would not fade for several months.
It was then that I fell in love with decorating my nails.

  With the development of the times and trends, the era of dyeing nails with only the juice of flowers has passed. Now we will put a variety of rhinestone decorations on the nails, and even paint on the nails, which makes our nails becomes beautiful and so does life.

  I am very happy that I have always liked nail art, so I opened this shop and want to share my good nail art with you. I hope you can make beautiful nail art with me and make yourself better.